Cake Pops: My experience and Tips

Spring Cake Pops

My attempt at the "Spring Chicks" Cake Pops from Bakerella's book.

After reading Bakerella's book on Cake Pops, I decided to try them out. Since, I do not enjoy baking, I used a boxed cake mix and frosting.

These were my tools and ingredients

To decorate the cake pops, I used yellow candy melt and sprinkles as well a black edible food pen for the eyes.

Sprinkle Types :
Orange rainbow chip sprinkles
Yellow rainbow chip sprinkles
Orange wildflower sprinkles.

 Even though the book recommends using 3/4 of the 16 oz tub of frosting, I used only 4 tbsp of frosting for the entire cake.I would recommend adding a couple spoons of the frosting at a time until you have the right consistency. I had absolutely no problem making the cake balls. Also, none of my cake pops, fell off in the candy melt.

Tip #2
Some cake mix will produce very moist cakes. I used Betty Crocker supreme moist vanilla cake mix which came out pretty moist so again be careful when adding the frosting. Add a little at a time.

Add a small drop of vegetable oil if the candy melt is too thick. Otherwise, you'll notice your cake balls are too heavy and has excess candy melt.

Use sprinkles to cover up imperfections in the candy coating.

Have lots of toothpicks handy. You will need these to smooth off excess candy melt or to position sprinkles or decorations on your cake balls.

The cake balls are chilling in the freezer, in a covered foil pan.

Use a foil pan with a plastic cover to cool your cake pops. I placed waxed paper in the bottom of the pan .
The cake pops came out way too sweet so I am thinking of trying a chocolate cake mix and cream cheese frosting next time.

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