Pirate Cake Pops

NEW and Improved Pirate Cake Pops

For the pirate Cake pops, you will need red candy melt, white candy melt, mini M&M's, giant heart sprinkles, pearl sprinkles (or white confetti sprinkles) and a good black edible food pen.

 Here is a great link with instructions

I made a vanilla cake as well as a chocolate cake this time around .

After I attached the lollipop sticks, I placed the cake pops back into the freezer.

The chocolate cake was more of a challenge than the vanilla cake. Even though I used about 4 tbsp of frosting, my cake balls were falling off the lollipop sticks. Eventually I got the hang of it. I started holding my cake balls on the stick upright and tilted my candy melt horizontally to coat.
 I swirled the cake pops gently into the candy melt until they were almost smooth with candy coating.

Candy coated cake pops.

I just bought cake decorating paint brushes so I plan to fix the eye patches with the fine tip brush and some black icing color. Wish me luck!

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