Lego Crayons / Lego Party Favors

I have seen these Lego Crayons on Etsy but it was this blog post "Lego party how to: Mini figure crayon tutorial"  that inspired me to make them. I purchased the Lego mini figure mold as well as the Lego brick mold from Ebay. These are silicone molds that can be heated up to 400 degrees in an oven.

 I started by collecting broken crayons from my sons Kindergarten class them my kids removed the paper.


  1. thanks for the post. I bought these molds and I wasn't sure if they were silicon or not. I was worried about the high oven heat. But you proved it will work. Can't wait to make my crayons!

  2. So happy I found your post! Every year I seem to go overboard on the cost of birthday goodie bags and I knew this was something I could do myself...just had to find someone else who had already tried it (^: Thanx