Great Finds ~ Pilgrim Planters

Do you get the Lowe's Creative Ideas magazine in the mail? Mine was just in time for my next holiday preparations.The magazine featured this great way to display fall foliage in a container -inspired by the first Thanksgiving.


Step1. Wrap a piece of black electrical tape (sold in Lowe's ), around the rim of a 4-inch Terra-cotta planter. I imagine you could use a piece of black ribbon for this as well.

Step 2. Use a hot-glue gin to attach a gold washer (sold in Lowe's) over the electrical tape. Fill a small vase with flowers or foliage, and then place inside the planter.

Terra cotta planters are really inexpensive and can be found in craft stores as well as home and gardening stores. If you do invest in the planters, you can always reuse them for another event by spray painting them.

For this and more creative ideas visit the Lowe's Creative Ideas website.

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